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Permeter ruins Deep Rock Galactic: Character introductions

As the subjugation of Hoxxes IV by the Deep Rock Galactic company continues they encounter a new type of problem. Dwarven traditionalists, unwilling to work with the human-owned Deep Rock Galactic has created small companies of their own to explore and mine the great unexplored planet. Not having access to human technology (and funding) leaves these dwarves woefully unprepared for the dangers of the region. Now is your chance to meet the main team of the Arkenfork corporation, EST 2619 STS (since the sacking*)

* For what "Since the sacking" means, please see this link:

Vindalf "Looker" Meadvitner 
Job: Lookout

The youngest of the dwarves and the nephew of Cleaveburg. He joined the company for a chance of adventure and to live traditional the dwarven lifestyle. Will Hoxxes IV dampen his youthful attitude?

Upventor Joakim "Gadgets" Johansson
Job: Gadgeteer

An inventor hailing from the south-western swamps. This guy is a half-goblin which gives him a technological bent that other dwarves lack. He really could use some actual testing before his gadgets are taken into the field, however.

Cleaveburg "Cleave-Bob" Solstrom
Job: Tunneler 

An old dwarf that saw the traditional dwarven lifestyle of mining and making one of a kind items for massive fees give way to mass-produced cheap weapons and auto-digging tunneling equipment. Generally very grumpy.

Jakob "Subject R3-Arty" Svensson
Job: Heavy Weapons Dwarf

A criminal and former journalist that was brought by the CEO of Arkenfork to work in the mines in exchange for a reduced sentence. Freakishly strong due to experimenting with injecting troll steroids in his youth.

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