lördag 16 maj 2020

Permeter ruins Deep Rock Galactic part 2

The quest of Permeter, goddess of spring, to drink all the beer of Deep Rock Galactic in retaliation for them killing her beloved insects continues. The beer of today is:

The new people drinking that were not introduced in the last issue are:

Alexander Arnabat

Poet, magician and one of the best warriors of Bjarmaland. He fights with a hookshot and is always up for a drink with friends!

Upventor Joakim "Gadgets" Johansson

A gadgeteer working for Deep Rock Galactic. His job is mainly repairing the drop pod and other broken equipment, as well as coming up with new overclocks for the weapons.

And now for the drinking!

 : This is quite nice, although a bit too dark for my taste. But absolutely drinkable!

  : Is it really made from morkite?
 : I think so, yeah. Tastes very "groundy". 

 : Absolutely, I can taste the distinct taste of the morkite mineral. Musta been stored close to a croppa motherload though, it spoils the taste a bit.
: Interesting!

: Aye! And we mine and brew all of the ingredients right here on the space rig!

: Hey! He works for the company, what if he tells on us?

: Let him be, he came here to help.

Aye. Deep Rock Galactic stole most of my research and raised the price of the beer. I am going to sneak in here every night and drink all the beer they owe me!

: Yeah! Just like Vishkar stole my father's research! You see, the weapon I used was actually invented by my father for peace, but...

: Shut up, Lucio.

: Your new backstory sucks.

: Piss off!

<-------------------------- The nice one

: Shut up, Lucio!

: Whoa, someone is a mean drunk.
I like it!


: I gotta go take a piss.

: Hopefully Thor is trying to pass downriver again!

: I gotta go too, all things in moderation and all that!

Even later...

: We drank it all. Incredible!

: For the bugs!

: For Karl!

: For beer!

and then they fucked

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