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Permeter ruins Deep Rock Galactic part 1

"At DEEP ROCK GALACTIC, we pride ourselves on having obtained practical dominance of the most lucrative belts of the Outer Rim. While our foolish and cowardly competitors generally regard these systems as too volatile or high-risk, to us they are home. At this time, we have a total of 87 ORBITAL SPACE RIGS in operation throughout more than a dozen Outer Rim systems, with 16 more currently under construction. However, a new mission is upon us. While our digs are many, we are currently preparing our most heavily orchestrated mining operation to date: The complete subjugation of the planet HOXXES IV. It is to the best of our knowledge the single most dangerous planet in the galaxy, and it just so happens to contain the richest concentrations of minable material ever discovered. Many before us have tried taming Hoxxes. All have failed. Except for us."

: And they are killing my INSECTS down there, can you believe that!?

: My lascivious lady of fecundity, that is really quite terrible. And you spent such a long time making them. What shall we do about it?

: Drink all their beer. And make a contest/beer review show out of it! Just like they hurt what I love the most I will hit THEM where it hurts the most!

: Now see this is why I love you. Let's do it!

Drinking all the beer in Deep Rock Galactic

Adva Arnabat
A jackalope and viking

Rover Bergelmir Gomkup
Mountain giant chieftain

Torvald Macgilliefrey
Dwarven miner (currently on strike)

Permeter Windcrowned
The personification of spring. Likes bugs.

Tymor Silvercrowned
Lord of the underworld. Trickster.

Today's beer:

: ...It is kinda weak.

: Yer a giant ye daft bugger. Ye need a bigger mug.

: Ha! That is quite right.

: Does this mean you need a smaller mug, master dwarf?


: Well I think this beer is really great. Tastes familiar somehow. It hits kinda hard, though. Adva, how do you manage?

: Adva Arnabat backs down from NO challenge!

Two servings later:

: I want to fight! Who wants to go holmgång with me right now!?

: Oh, yer right on, lassie!

: That looks like it could be dangerous.

: But very funny!

: Damn straight!

: 2500 credits on the dwarf!

: You are on!

: Ye cannae throw me just because I am short! I call foul play!

: You are decked out in at least three layers of armor, dwarf, you are still quite heavy.

: Well next is a drinking contest!

: Bartender! As much backbreaker as they want, my treat!

Two more servings later:
 : I didn´t know a rabbit could throw up that badly...
 : Ha! I am victorious! I am...ulp...*faints*
Dammit. Thor is trying to beat up my children again. I gotta go bash his head in. See you all later...
Yet two more servings later

Well, that seems to be all for today. Tymor?

Well, see you all next time when me and my friends help me may revenge myself on the dwarves killing my insects by drinking all of their beer!

Holmgång from Torvald's perspective

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