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The second demo of Alex and Adva has been released!

...And it can be found at the bottom of this page! But first, let us recap all the fun Alex and Adva facts I posted through December 2018:

Fun Alex and Adva fact 1#:

The flying island of Beluga was originally part of a cursed continent called Albion. Alex and Adva's chieftain Byleif took it over and the islanders count their years STS (since the sacking).

Fun Alex and Adva fact 2#:

Their oldest son is named Swiftdale. He works as the Skosven (personal servant and assistant) to Byleif, their chieftain. Their youngest children are a pair of twins called Benjamin and Beryl.

Fun Alex and Adva fact 3#:

Smokestones are self-carving runic stones made by a combination of elvish and dwarven craft that records all of the great deeds that the people bound to it has achieved. In the game they have one outside their house that the player can examine to see everything that has happened in the game.

Fun Alex and Adva fact #4:

The vinland Sea is a archipelago of islands both great and small.Some islands of notes are Beluga (Where Alex and Adva live), Bjarmaland (where the game takes place), Lauer (a living island that is the mother of Byleif and Tymor), Särkland (a trading metropolis) and Pohjala (a region of darkness and powerful wizards/witches). Further south is the great Belly Continent and to the north lies the dark and stormy sea of Danjernavia.

Fun Alex and Adva fact 5#:

The wanir are a race of strange creatures that live in the woods of Bjarmaland. Long ago they fought a war of dominance with queen Sigtrygg and failed. They look like large spiders but can take human form.

Fun Alex and Adva fact 6#:

The first time Adva gave Alex a BJ she accidentally stuck her horns into one of his eyes.

Fun Alex and Adva fact 7#:

"go north/fara norrönt" is a slang term among the viking community that means going raiding/exploring/trading in the more or less uncharted sea of Danjernavia that takes up most of the northern hemisphere, the head of the giant that the world Alex and Adva inhabit was made from.

Fun Alex and Adva fact #8:

This probably won´t be relevant until I commission my own art assets (the demo is mainly the default rpgmaker stock assets) but the design of the island of Beluga will be based on viking settlements in irland and Scotland, with a mix of long-houses and more sturdy castles.

Fun Alex and Adva fact #9:

Särkland is the capital of a desert island and the biggest trading metropolis in the world of Grangard. Byleif in particular likes to trade magnificent colored silk robes in return for fur, ivory and honey.

Fun Alex and Adva fact #10:

The version of Tymor encountered in the game lost his eyes because he bet his head against some dwarfs. When they came to collect he told them that they had no claim on his neck so they just knocked out his eyes instead.

Fun Alex and Adva fact #11:

Ivaldi and sons is the largest dwarven industrial city in Bjarmaland. It is actually no longer owned by neither Ivaldi nor his sons but rather brought out by the large brewery company Durin's Drick.

Fun Alex and Adva fact #12:

The wolf is a terrifying creature from another world that lives in a castle of cogs and metals in the Iron Swamp. Alex and Adva has to go there since the monster is the only one that can get into the dwarven fortress that the mysterious missionary they are haunting is holed up.

Fun Alex and Adva fact #13:

The mark of Klev is a holy symbol meaning a place is guarded by Klev, the in universe equivalent of Thor (pictured, with the symbol in the black circle on the throne).

Fun Alex and Adva fact #14:

The field of deeds is the largest farmland of Bjarmaland and named for a famous battle against the giants that took place there. It connects Mt Muspel with the capital of Slainhall Towers and the Jormun sea to the east.

Fun Alex and Adva fact #15:

Adva (full name Adva Ambátt) was born as a slave on the island of Holgersö. When the island was sacked by Byleif she was freed and became one of his hirdmen (free servants with pay) instead. She was given the new name Arnabat afterwards.

Fun Alex and Adva fact #16:

Sigtrygg Bursdotter is the queen of Bjarmaland and the creator of Grangard, which she made from a giant's corpse. I want to keep it vague how much of it is true, but she is as old as the world the game takes place in.

Fun Alex and Adva fact #17:

Mt Muspel is the highest mountain in Bjarmaland. It is mainly inhabited by dwarves and fire giants, although there is also a small settlement of humans near the base. The mountain commuinty is famous for housing slaves escaping from their masters.

Fun Alex and Adva fact #18:

There are five main social groups in the world the game takes place in:

1 Banished people, who the laws do not apply to

2 Slaves, who are owned but have certain rights concerning treatment

3 Free men and women, mostly farmers or traders

4 Jarls, local lords that may be part of a larger government or groups called an Althing
5 Kings and Queens, rulers of great realms and althings, often with godlike power. The Jarls inhabiting their lands often pay taxes to do them but are otherwise self-governing.

Fun Alex and Adva fact #19:

The iron swamp is a desolate region of Bjarmaland where all the giants and most of the trolls have been relocated after queen Sigtrygg defeated them. Their leader is Tymor of the Outyards, not to be confused with the trickster Tymor employed by Sigtrygg.

Fun Alex and Adva fact #20:

Just as Adva has her underground training arena Alex has a magical workshop (located in a nearby tree) where he grows the plants and makes the tools necessary for his magic.

This always proves to be a bit of a problem when you also has a bunch of naughty kids to care for...

Fun Alex and Adva fact #21:

Draugrs are the undead, the zombies and ghosts of the world and they function basically like they do in norse myth. With a strong enough will it is possible to return after death and with a strong enough will (and the magical know-how) you can return someone from the grave. You can never fully return someone to a proper life, however.

Fun Alex and Adva fact #22:

The outyards are the original abode of the giants in Bjarmaland. They were driven out by queen Sigtrygg and relocated to the iron woods. Nowadays nobody lives here except a few hulders, trolls and werewolves.

Fun Alex and Adva fact 

Slainhall Towers is the abode of Lady Sigtrygg and the capital of Bjarmaland. Below is a portal to the underworld where all the best fighters may battle eternally!

Fun Alex and Adva fact 

Byleif is sorts the Main character of The World of grangard insofar that he is the kit that keeps the stories taking place there together without neccessarily taking place in them that much.

Alex and Adva fact 

The thundergod Klev of Bjarmaland has an axe sharpened by dwarves so that it can cut holes in reality itself and create thunder...because Tymor kept egging them on during the sharpening process.


Alex and Adva fact 

Huldraful is a ravine in the Outyards where a tribe of elementals live. The game starts in earnest when the couples ship crashes upon the shores of Bjarmaland!

Fun Alex and Adva fact 

Science and learning on The World of Grangard is mostly of a documentary kind. Teachings and How to build things are written down, copied and spread by learned men. Dwarves may claim to be scientific, but thet basically throws shit at the Wall to see What sticks. This also neatly explains Why no dwarf-made item seems to be reproducable...

Alex and Adva fact 

Learning magic in the world of Grangard I figure is a lot like learning magic in Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.

”Tell them to read What the branches has written across the sky. Tell them to ask the Hills and the rain!”

Fun Alex and Adva fact 

There are three main religions in The World of Grangard. The most common one is the belief that Queen Sigtrygg of Bjarmaland lade The World from the corpuset of a slain giant. Another, popular in eastern Särkland, is that The World was not made by anyone, but that powerful gods live beyond the universe and that they have sent down a representative to care for Grangard. The name of that god is Storkr. The last belief is the same as the first, although Sigtrygg is seen as a Devil that imprisoned all the spirits of the giant and diminished the unbound nature for her own benefit. This is the belief of the jotuns.

Alex and Adva fact 

Most countries have a king or queen but they are mostly a distant figure that do not interfere in everyday business. Important decisions concerning a Gathering of small towns and settlements is Held at the Ting where the local lords and other important figures votes on the important issues with the help of a Law-speaker. The lawspeaker of Beluga is named Snurre Sturlarson.



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