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The fishing trip of Byleif, the first twenty-seven verses

The giant Farbouti often came to the island Lauer and thundered over her. During a particular wild storm a bolt of lightning hit the tallest and thinnest tree of the island. It split into two and swelled, eventually giving birth to two sons. Tymor was the oldest and most eager. He was weak in the limbs but very clever, and he has brought much hardship to both gods and man, although he has also helped them numerous times. Byleif was younger and had a strong body, and when he came of age he built a ship out of half of his mother's body in order to seek fame and fortune. 

Byleif of Lauer
Son of Lauer
Sits in his own boat
To start his great fishing
Wind is washing him
Lost in greatbay
Lost at sea, forsaken
Is the son of Lauer

Sailed his longship
Tymor's brother
Sailed most bravely
O'ver the sea
He saw thereover
The belly of seas
The island sea
Towards the boat

Byleif now saw five stars
Islands five before his eyes
Houses stood on broad backs
To greet him
No fishes for him here
No place for brave hero
Byleif continued his great journey
Byleif, Lauer's son

Row on

Byleif the bold
Wished for glory
Swiftly he changed
Fishes for place
At race
Knowledgable king
Directionless klutz
Places were taken
Lo, Boat for a boat
He conquered

The horse of the blue
Jumped the line of competition
First was Byleif
Of all the heroes
Hero of rabbits
Brother to the harey villain
Winning he left
There was no fish here

Now came Byleif
To the desolation of Smog
To the island of clicking colosses
Sat the wolf and from his maw posion
The wild wolf
The eater of oaths got iron for dessert
Sword in the maw, Byleif the brave
This flesh proved no nourishment

The castle of the wolf was torn apart
Old as it was
Byleif did not want it but set forth
The teeth were aching
He had fished for a long time but was not done
His people had no fish
The brother of the trickster did not remain
Byleif set sail for wider waters

The next island was curious, the next island was weird
In the water was a giant, in the water he glared
Two eyes had the giant, two eyes burned Byleif
With one stroke he hit the brave one, with one stroke he took the boat
The turs swallowed the heroice hare, the turs was filled to the brim
His teeth were diamonds, his teeth were king among ivory
But Byleif was clever, Byleif was cunning
He made a home there, he made the giant his abode

Byleif, a giant
Both were strong
Hare dug down
Byleif now dug east
The giant screamed
The back-hole
Byleif left laughting and
Took his boat further

One short of thought but big on bravery
On the great island was a tiny head
He began to pull
But found he could not
Trees were above him
Cut without an axe
Byleif he built at sun's end in the end
A counterweight to lift the stone quickly

Inside the cavern where a mouth
Inside the mouth there was an eye
Inside the eye a bloodshot vein
Byleif drew his sword without
The wyrm it roared in anger in pain
Byleif roared in surprise and fright
They both roared together
The island was torn amidst

On the next isle Byleif saw afar
Was a house of good make and full
Of the dead
As the island was on the end of a grand line
Byleif swore to never see such
Desolation in his own time
But the house was his burden
His destiny woven by guilt

Long was the trip to the next sea
Horseshoe was in the deep
Shall one find the little fishis
A giant horse simply won´t do
Green it was as the Allgreen
North was now the road bound
No fish and stomach growlin'
Hwaet can be done about this predicament?

Coconut broke, good nut, sweet nut
To fill the belly of the king
He continued onwards and saw
How people threw pebbles with stick into holes
How they threw logs and shouted manly
A brave and kilted community indeed!
Byleif whistled and carried on
Happy in his heart he rode on

Waning gibbous moon blazed in the sky
Skyfall, nightfall Byleif did not sleep well
Well made was the island before
Before the seamonsters struck the island
Island of diamond and dwarves
Dwarves lifted tools and weapons
Weapons like a lifter waning

Towering was Byleif over the dwarves
Yet in the monsters he met his match
Tiny island of the great sea
Short battle lasts long in the legend of men
Brown woods turn to shinig iron
When the humble ship is repaired by craftsmen
The water is neither blue nor green, but black and red
Starwing hare provides for the small ones

Country towards eye, Man in need towards the lifebuoy of the sea
The luck of the sailor was guarded by the worst of the Outyard
Five eye, red eye, Byleif white Eye
The lighthouse of the head lightens the night
The raven of memory spies the giant
Can they both be the same?
The fear for life leads to fear of life
Such fear brings your lineage to an end

Byleif happily left this island
With gold in the boat and heads of trolls
Out of the reef he went
When a great sadness came over his head
Out of the heavens a great darkness came
In the water a whirlpool appeared
Byleif felt fear and rowed away
This was the land of former heroes

Byleif arrived at a shark-filled island
The coulds, sons of Imert, danced in the wind
On the island was nothing of interests
The grass was as sand in this sunken desolation
Byleif could could not use those two things together
The ruins of foolish men
He began to leave
The best laid plans are as the steps of the young doe

Byleif now hunted for another island
A shining beam among the stormy waves
Far away was the island of summer
The island was made for lovers and men
The harefair one now started his journey
Veins and tendrils struggled together
The sharks he killed but did not eat
From border to border went the bordercrosser

This poems seems older than the others and the meaning of it is obscure. The text found on the only available runic staff is worn and not easy to interpret. What one can guess from a few words and the context the verse is about Byleif reaching the island of Summer and falling in love with Lady Aurora, guardian of the Rainbow Castle. The verse seems to have sometimes been removed from the cycle and put into other stories by a few skalds, the reaching for this is unclear. However, it is the unified opinion of scholars that this verse is one of the oldest in the saga of Byleif!

Á blessaða sumarið
Byleif hitti konan í sumar
Hún hlýddi og sýndi honum mikla
Hræðileg kona í rigningunni
Þessi fundur var mest sammála
Hann sór að sigra í nafni hennar
Stóð á eyjunni í fimm mánuði
Aldrei inn í kastalann

Byleif in summer
Autumn was coming near here
Tournament he won
For the lovely lass
No fish was ever here
No good things to eat
All at sea
All sorrow in the heart

Byleif bitterly hunched as if cold?
The dark came down
A southern island whipped by chill?
Hate in the camp
This was the fabled island of Znyurally
The spring of Ren
But downwards goes the road at last
Into the darkness

Inside the cave were seven-league boots
Magical boots with iron power
Byleif tried on the enchanted boots
Magical curses dropped from above
Useless were these kingly boots
Magical socks with wind were better
Byleif swore to hate all boots
Magical things are not often well to use

Back to the drawing-board
The ball is in Byleif's court to get some fish
He heard it on the grapevine
The next island and him would see eye to eye
Drastic times call for drastic measures
Although he should have let sleeping dogs lie
The price of the island was an arm and a leg
Although it seemed to be the best thing since sliced bread

Around the beautiful forest of tails
Was the dark myrkwood of the monsters
The Wanir were much afraid
They feared Byleif who could not
A eater in the shape of a troll
A troll from the castle of his brother
But this was a very strange sort
The forest was glosed by the orchid of ghosts

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