söndag 17 maj 2020

Sigtrygg Burdotters profetior del 2

After nine years had passed the wizards of Vincinor were surprised to find a huge castle floating in the sky. It had been built by Klev to house his mother in, and in this house she did prophecy. For her treatment she shunned the wizards but the general populace came to her and began to worship. From this worship she grew stronger and began to look for a way back to Grangard.

Klev, the dragon son of Sigtrygg, became very popular. He was initiated as a god and protector of The Holy Sea in Vincinor, although he was accounted a stranger. As he had fought the giants back in his own home he now fought the mysterious beings that threatened Vincinor. Foremost of these were Galliform, the headless turkey.

Sigtrygg sat in the topmost tower of her castle in the sky and looked over the entire world. She picked up her cards and wanted to know how the war against the wolf was faring in her homeworld. The wolf had imprisoned her in vincinor, hoping for the wizards to keep her there forever. In this, they had proved a failure.

The well of Urd, where three weird sisters spin the fates of everybody, is currently lost. Their own fates they could not predict. Hopefully my remaining soldiers will be smart enough to move all of our remaining forces to the city of Ting in order to protect the well. It must not fall into the hands of the giants!

This jackalope is a warrior most fierce. She is devoted to me and hope to make it into Slainhall Towers to join the entire battle when she dies. If I was still in Grangard I would endow her with the power of frenzy. yet I do not know...She is torn between a lot of different choices and only really cares for her homeland and lord.

The racetrack of the southern seas continue to function as usual, but the enthusiasm of the participants and the public are wearing thin. Most of them are leaving for the war or seeking glory in the northern seas of Danjernavia. As many as possible must be recruited to our side in these uncertain times. I hope my messengers are up to the task without me...

I must admit that I am growing restless and thus tried to peer into the lair of the wolf, although naturally I knew I would discover nothing. The lair itself is guarded by strong giant magic as well as the wolf's own particular strange brand of metallic magic. Only someone brave enough to break in in person may find out what actually goes on in there...

This young woman is one of those that have been devestated by the war. She has found comfort in a new religion from the east that speaks of forgivness and healing. She is very eager to share what she calls good news but do not understand her own holy texts yet. None of this will help us win the war, although her white magic may prove useful...

Since the people of Vincinor now followed Klev rather than the wizards they declared war on him, but Sigtrygg revenged herself on them.

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