söndag 27 september 2020

Permeter ruins Deep Rock Galactic part 4

 WHAT!? Praise the prowess of people-gods

of long axed dwarves in days sped by

We have heard, and what honour they won

Burgeously bohemians blusterly beer drank

Permeter, goddess of spring, is once again at it getting back at the dwarves of Deep Rock Galactic for killing her beloved insects. She does so by inviting her friends and drink all of the Deep Rock Galactic company beer, leaving the dwarves parched. 

This issue introduces three new drinkers:


A dwarven inventor and one part of the Niebelungar and Co companionship that controls the mines of icy Mt Nib of eastern Denugeira. He was driven out when his brother Alberich crafted a magic ring and took over the mines.

Mission control

The team manager of the four best dwarven miners of Deep Rock galactic. You may wonder why he helps out sabotaging the company he works for but as middle management he hates upper management with the burning passion of a thousand suns.


A pet.

Today's drink is Red Rock Blaster:


: Oh, he is so cute!

: Muueeeeergh....

 : Like him? The boys brought him up from Hoxxes. Of course it is against regulations but who can say no to those beautiful...er...mandibles?

: Coochie-coochie-choo!

: I guess it is up to us to discuss the beer. How do you like it?

: It is like drinking a soda with extra froth but I haven't felt this healthy in ages!

: The red rock blaster have that affect on dwarves due to all the red sugar it contains. It is also highly addictive.

: Wait, what?

 : Steeve really likes it, too! Look, he can do tricks...

: Huraggggh!

: Oh, so smart!

: Well, this beer does nothing for me. Anyone else?


: We are on a space station...

: Wheeeeeeeee!

: Okay, the next shift is coming up. I will have to ask you to leave now. And we will have to do without red rock blasters. Damn elite dives...

Everyone except mission control was thrown out the air-lock when Mim opened it to do laps.

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